• ""Dr. Bennett is amazing. She has a cruise ship of knowledge at her finger tips. I have been getting chiropractic adjustments now for 2+ months. I have been able to cope better this with SAD. Through therapuetic exercises, chiropractic adjustments our goal is to get me stronger and stand taller. I believe we will get there.""
    - Mary N.
  • "" [Before receiving treatment from Dr.Bennett] I experienced pressure in my lower back. The pain radiated throughout my back affecting my range of motion. At present most all sensation of pain has disappeared (at least 95%). The range of motion in my back has improved dramatically. Dr. Bennett has been very informative concerning my condition and progress all along. She has been very helpful and encouraging to me regarding her techniques and the benefits of regular chiropractic care.The staff is very competent and accommodating. My treatment has been a very friendly and positive experience.""
    - Brian K.
  • ""I have been Dr. Bennett patient going on 5 weeks, instantly after my first adjustment i felt the difference. I have been suffering from lower back pain and migraines for years. I am Happy to say that I have not had a migraine since my first adjustment and my back pain has got about 90% better. Without surgery as I was told I needed by my Dr. I feel energized every time I leave Dr. Bennett's office,. I am so happy with my care and results are so obvious that now my husband and four kids also see Dr. Bennett!!!! Thank you for helping me understand optimal health and how I can pass it on to my family. Thanks Dr. Bennett""
    - Jennifer K.
  • ""I have been seeing Dr. Bennett for 2 weeks now and I realized that after my 3rd adjustment that I am sleeping better and have not had any sinus headaches. (I have had sinus issues & infections for over 20 years!) I am so happy with the way I am feeling and I am looking forward to optimal health with no meds! Thank you Dr. Bennett!""
    - Anna F.

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